New Paintbox Soapworks Available At The Rhinestone Housewife

Hotties!  Just in time for the big “V” day event and just in time for the beginning of longer days, and freshly budding early spring flowers, we are so happy to present two new Paintbox Soapworks products at The Rhinestone Housewife. The Blushing Heart Glycerin Soap – Sparkling lychee & pink grapefruit in a romantic bathContinue reading “New Paintbox Soapworks Available At The Rhinestone Housewife”

Hottie McToddy Available At The Rhinestone Housewife

A new exclusive is always  reason to celebrate here at The Rhinestone Housewife, and we are so very excited to present this new exclusive by Paintbox Soapworks – Hottie McToddy. During the cold and flu season I fully believe that a hot toddy is the ambrosia of the gods.  It’s magical, it’s effective, it’s deliciousContinue reading “Hottie McToddy Available At The Rhinestone Housewife”

Rollercoaster Romance Has Landed!

Hello hotties!   I’m so excited to be able to announce that our new exclusive from Paintbox Soapworks has landed at The Rhinestone Housewife. These new products have a special place in my heart.  It’s a little know fact that Mr. McNaughty and I fell in live while riding rollercoasters at Magic Mountain, 18 yearsContinue reading “Rollercoaster Romance Has Landed!”