Arcana From Eros and Chaos Valentine LE

Well, there are a LOT of delicious smelling oils in Arcana’s newest LE collection, From Eros and Chaos.    With seven new scents and four returning favorites, there’s bound to be something for everyone.   Behold the valentine-y luper-y awesomeness! Amorini:  With their chubby knees and wings, these tiny creatures are like particularly naughty cherubs. A playfulContinue reading “Arcana From Eros and Chaos Valentine LE”

Violette Market Diablo Canyon 2012 Reviews

I received my Violette Market order including two bottles from the Diablo Canyon 2012 LE.    I think I chose well because so far I’ve liked them both upon bottle sniffing. Chocolate Mallow Pumpkins:  Dark chocolate, cocoa absolute, plump pumpkin, gooey vanilla marshmallow and golden amber dust. In bottle:  It smells a little bit like chocolateContinue reading “Violette Market Diablo Canyon 2012 Reviews”

VApothecary Reviews (& day 15!)

Le Macabre: Haunted White Cedarwood, Fresh Soil from within a grave, Raw Blue Vetiver, Blood Ripe Pomegranate, and Crimson Musk. In vile: It smells like a really deep and fruity wood. Wet on skin: I can definitely pick out the wood and pomegranate. After just a minute or so the crimson musk makes an appearance.Continue reading “VApothecary Reviews (& day 15!)”

Noctune Alchemy Reviews (& day 22!)

Today I received a lovely smelling package in the mail.   It was a veritable treasure trove of perfume oils from Nocturne Alchemy and VApothecary. Serpentine Ankh: Egyptian Musk of the original Nokturne single note, ether of Egyptian Sandalwood and far east wind arising and exhaling from the Nile and slumbering into the subtle spice of Nokturne:CrimsonContinue reading “Noctune Alchemy Reviews (& day 22!)”

Nocturne Alchemy Reviews (& day 71!)

I received my most recent order and wanted to post up some reviews for those of you who might be on the fence about ordering! BASTET’S GARDEN: Apricot Kobalt Special Edition-African Apricot, Apricot Cream, Vanilla Cream, Nokturne:Kobalt. A delicious way to spend an afternoon. Purrrrrrrrrr. In bottle: Spicy musky fruit. Wet on skin: Spicy apricotContinue reading “Nocturne Alchemy Reviews (& day 71!)”

Conjure Oils Mlle. Victoria’s Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret Reviews And Contest

I had a chance to try several of Conjure Oils Lupercalia collection, Mlle. Victoria’s Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret and loved each and every one.   Valentine’s Day always seems to bring out collections of LE oils loaded with florals and rose scents, none of which work on me.   Well, not Conjure Oils!  I’ll be sharing the reviewsContinue reading “Conjure Oils Mlle. Victoria’s Lupertine Burlesque Cabaret Reviews And Contest”

Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary Reveiws

I got my decant package (minus one oil) and went to town reviewing them last night whilst waiting for the update.  They are running pretty low on most of these oils so don’t hesitate if you want any of them! Night Over Cheops Blue Egyptian Lavender, Purple Indian Lavender, Amber Musk Resin, Limestone Amber, WhiteContinue reading “Nocturne Alchemy & VApothecary Reveiws”

Conjure Oils Yule Update-The Naughty List

There were several reasons that I was excited to see the Conjure Oils Yule update.  I’m a Christmas baby so I do love the holidays in any way, shape and form and for the most part I’ve struck out with other companies Yule collections.   I was instantly inspired when I heard that Conjure Oils wasContinue reading “Conjure Oils Yule Update-The Naughty List”

Solstice Scents Yule Reviews

I bought the sample pack of the perfume oils. Gingerbread Man In bottle:  Mostly vanilla Wet on skin:  Whoa, this is pretty sharp….almost smoky it’s so spicy and sharp. Dry on skin:  This is very sharp and spicy.    I am not getting any vanilla anymore.  It’s like if you stuffed your face in a jarContinue reading “Solstice Scents Yule Reviews”