Nocturne Alchemy & FEx Reviews

I was lucky enough to receive my NA/VA package today…yay!   There are a *lot* of really delicious smelling oils in this package and I’m not sure I’ll be able to pick a favorite.  Heck, I’m not even sure I’ll be able to decide which one to wear tomorrow!   What follows is a giant review postContinue reading “Nocturne Alchemy & FEx Reviews”

Black Rose Minerals Swatches And Review

I placed my order on 2/20/12 and received it  on 3/9/12.   Everything arrived safe and sound with lots of extras like stickers, glitter hearts and two free samples.   Gimli was very interested in the package. I ordered samples of Crackalackin’, The Memory Remains, Gargle Blaster, Vulcan, Helios, Hello Kitten, Scylla, Gossamer, Teddy and Sweet Hereafter.  Continue reading “Black Rose Minerals Swatches And Review”

Moon Rabbit Cosmetics Review And Swatches

I was very excited to be able to try a brand new indie makeup company, Moon Rabbit Cosmetics.   Jess was running a special for Groundhog Day and I couldn’t resist trying the colors in her new spring collection.   I purchased the entire sample set on 2/21/12 and received my order on 3/3/12.   Everything came inContinue reading “Moon Rabbit Cosmetics Review And Swatches”

My Pretty Zombie LE Easter Swatches & WTF

As usual, I got lightning fast shipping from My Pretty Zombie.   I just couldn’t resist the limited edition Easter colors and once I read the story behind the WTF set I had to get those too.  Plus, I think it’s always good to have a set of beautiful neutrals.   I also received three free samplesContinue reading “My Pretty Zombie LE Easter Swatches & WTF”

Victorian Disco Swatches And Review

Victorian Disco is a new indie makeup company for me so I was super excited to find them.   First of all, I *love* all things disco and when you throw in some Sci-Fi geekery then I couldn’t say no.    I ordered the fifteen sample pack from the etsy shop on 2/20/12 and received my orderContinue reading “Victorian Disco Swatches And Review”

Darling Girl Swatches And Review

I’ve ordered from Darling Girl a couple of times and have been impressed each time.   I’ve collected a stupid amount of DG lip products but I’m pretty strict about tossing them after six months or so.  Or a dog eats them, or the cats bat them onto the rings of Saturn.  I don’t knowContinue reading “Darling Girl Swatches And Review”

Morgana Cryptoria Order And Swatches

I splurged and ordered some Morgana lip glosses and lipsticks and thought I would swatch them for you!   Morgana Cryptoria has the *best* vegan lipstick around.   Really beautiful deep rich colors in nice formulas.  I ordered on 1/18/12 and received my order on 2/14/12.   You can sign up for an account on her siteContinue reading “Morgana Cryptoria Order And Swatches”

Lucky 107 Review And Contest!

I am super happy to review Lucky107 Cosmetics for you today as well as a contest!  You can find all the contest information at the bottom of this post, don’t forget to enter to win! I originally ordered the smaller review package.   Rebecca quickly contacted me and let me know that her printer was brokenContinue reading “Lucky 107 Review And Contest!”

My Pretty Zombie Swatches

I am super happy to have tried My Pretty Zombie, a new makeup company for me.  I ordered on 2/6/12 and had my package in my greedy little hands on 2/10/12!   I purchased: MDMA Blush 5 Eyeshadow set: Moist, Murder, Thunderpants, Scurvy and Bride I received three free samples in My Pretty Zombie and InfirmityContinue reading “My Pretty Zombie Swatches”

Silk Naturals FOTD

I got to play with my new Silk Naturals stuff today.  I swatched everything yesterday and wore it today!  I also got to give the eye primer the marathon 11 hour test. Face:  MAC concealer in NC 15 and Meow’s Pampered Puss in Frisky Angora, set with Molecular Mist.  I also use a a customContinue reading “Silk Naturals FOTD”

Conjure Oils Yule 2011 Reviews

The Naughty List: Despite our best efforts to kiss up to the big guy in red, sometimes we can’t help but end up on the naughty list! Fluffy marshmallows slowly toasted over the fireplace flames, buttered rum spiked steamed vanilla milk, cacao musk, swirling pipe tobacco and a snicker doodle bribe. In bottle: It’s smellsContinue reading “Conjure Oils Yule 2011 Reviews”

Ella’s Lead Custom Leashes

I guess I never realized how picky I’ve gotten about leashes. They’re either too long or short, the fabric gives you leash burns on your hands, the clips suck or they’re just plain ugly. Granted in my line of work I use leashes all day long. I’ve been moaning and groaning about not finding theContinue reading “Ella’s Lead Custom Leashes”