FOTD with Uroboros and It’s Only Forever (& day 10!)

I wanted to use a couple of my new Tick: Tock colors! Face:  Smashbox Photo Finish primer and Cargo oil free foundation in 20.  It’s described as a light sunny yellow.  Perfect for us hotties with very pale but yellow or golden toned skin.  Evil Shades matte powder.  MAC NC15 concealer with Smashbox Photo OpContinue reading “FOTD with Uroboros and It’s Only Forever (& day 10!)”

Evil Shades Swatches & FOTD (& post 34!)

I received my latest Evil Shades order and just couldn’t wait to swatch them.   I actually really enjoy doing swatches and photographing them but it’s always most enjoyable with quality pigments.    I appreciate a shadow that has great color pay off, a nice creamy finish and blends nicely. Face:  MAC foundation and concealer in NC15,Continue reading “Evil Shades Swatches & FOTD (& post 34!)”

FOTD With Mi Vida Loca Palette(& day 35!)

I played around with the Kat Von D palette and decided to use the pink and purple.  I found the colors easy to work with and while not neon by any means they are bright.  The surprise hit for me was actually the liner that came with it.  It’s bold and bright and applied easilyContinue reading “FOTD With Mi Vida Loca Palette(& day 35!)”

FOTD With Mayor’s Daughter & Fire Inside (& day 52!)

I wanted to use a red and gold combo today so here’s my FOTD! Face:  Baby Bloom BB Cream, Brazen Defy Gravity, Evil Shades matte powder. Cheeks:   Brazen’s Abandon Lips:  TGIF by Venomous Eyes:  MAC Untitled, Tick: Tock nude Infinity base.   Darling Girls Mayor’s Daughter  on lid and middle of lower lid and Fire InsideContinue reading “FOTD With Mayor’s Daughter & Fire Inside (& day 52!)”

FOTD with Thunderpants and High Noon (& day 75!)

Super tired but putting it out there anyhoo! Face:  BB Cream and Face Time powder. Cheeks: Meow Ginger Torch Lips: Rimmel mystery gloss Eyes: MAC paint in Untitled and tester primer from Tick: Tock.   My Pretty Zombie Thunderpants applied all over lid and up into crease.  Tick: Tock High Noon applied above crease and Tick:Continue reading “FOTD with Thunderpants and High Noon (& day 75!)”

Tick: Tock Swatches (& day 80!)

I had a really nice opportunity to to try out a new eye shadow base color for Tick:Tock.   It’s a nudish color in the same formula of the other Infinity bases.    I decided ot swatch the new shadows I got over the new tester base.

FOTD with Courtesan & Pharaoh (& day 86!)

Ugly, tired face this morning but you get it anyway because it’s 90 Days Of Beauty dammit! Face: MAC foundie and concealer in NC15.   Brazen F & F as finishing powder. Cheeks: Corset blush by Aromaleigh Lips:  Darling Girl lippie in Steal Your Sunshine Eyes: Tick: Tock Infinity base in Milky Way.  Brazen’s Courtesan allContinue reading “FOTD with Courtesan & Pharaoh (& day 86!)”