Violette Market Exclusives Now Available At The Rhinestone Housewife

After months and months of waiting……I am so happy to present three Violette Market exclusive perfume oils just for The Rhinestone Housewife.  When I first approached Lori she immediately thought of vintage motorcycles and leather and cherry.  Hmmmm…do you think that says something about me?   Anyhoo, I just let Lori do her amazing thing andContinue reading “Violette Market Exclusives Now Available At The Rhinestone Housewife”

Violette Market Diablo Canyon 2012 Reviews

I received my Violette Market order including two bottles from the Diablo Canyon 2012 LE.    I think I chose well because so far I’ve liked them both upon bottle sniffing. Chocolate Mallow Pumpkins:  Dark chocolate, cocoa absolute, plump pumpkin, gooey vanilla marshmallow and golden amber dust. In bottle:  It smells a little bit like chocolateContinue reading “Violette Market Diablo Canyon 2012 Reviews”

Violette Market Reviews (& day 14!)

I received three free samples in my last order so I’ve reviewed them for you here! Antoinette’s Tea Cakes:  Sweet vanilla sugar tea cakes covered in pink glaze and infused with pearled China musk, French rosewater, and shimmering amber dust. In vial:  Like perfumy cake.  Reminds me a bit of BPAL’s Eat Me. Wet onContinue reading “Violette Market Reviews (& day 14!)”

Violette Market 2012 State Fair Reviews (& day 19!)

I was so super excited and surprised to get my package already.   The penny candy bottle is gorgeous and the labels are all awesome. Midway:  A sweet, nostalgia-inducing array of sugared elephant ears, funnel cake, pink cotton candy, candied apples, black cherry tartlets, the heat of August, and laughter carried into the night sky. In Continue reading “Violette Market 2012 State Fair Reviews (& day 19!)”

Violette Market State Fair Review (& day 23!)

I thought I would post up the reviews I have for the State Fair scents, in care anyone is wondering about them.  These reviews will all be previous years versions and I’ve listed what year next to the name.   Be sure to check these out if you’re interested as they are some of the mostContinue reading “Violette Market State Fair Review (& day 23!)”

Violette Market State Fair Is Live! (& post 24!)

The Violette Market State Fair updates is one that I look forward to every year!   This year does not disappoint and there were several new scents that I just had to try.   I ordered: Midway Giant Slide Old Wooden Coaster Banana Split Splat Penny Candy Powdered Chocolate From the State Fair collection I already own:Continue reading “Violette Market State Fair Is Live! (& post 24!)”

Violette Market Little Fur Tree Reviews

I only purchased two bottles from the new Hans Christian Andersen collection but I thought you might enjoy some reviews!   I ordered The Red Clouds and A Merry Life from Violette Market’s etsy shop on 1/16/12 and received them on 1/25/12.    As always the Violette Market bottles come individually wrapped in plastic and then inContinue reading “Violette Market Little Fur Tree Reviews”

Violette Market Diablo Canyon 2011 Reviews

I placed my order on September 9th and received it September 15th (unfortunately I was out of town all week-end!).   So far, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve tried. Haunted Corn Maze Smoked sandalwood, sun-scorched corn husks, golden corn clusters, cranberries, warm resins, and sweet wisps of vanilla dust clouds from skeletal footprints. I got this lastContinue reading “Violette Market Diablo Canyon 2011 Reviews”

Violette Market Reviews

Tamaskan Dog Golden amber, dry cedar wood, hazelnuts, honeyed chocolate, dark gingerbread, and spiced apple wassail. In the bottle: Piney and warm. I can definitely smell the amber. Wet on skin: Pine and amber, maybe very lightly resinish? It’s warm and rich for sure. Dry on skin: It’s softened into a really warm and resinyContinue reading “Violette Market Reviews”