Dreaming Tree Soapworks Once Upon A Dream LE Collection at The Rhinestone Housewife

Hello hotties!  If we learned one thing, it’s that you love the Dreaming Tree Soapworks products as much as we do!  So due to popular demand we have expanded the products we offer at The Rhinestone Housewife. Once Upon A Dream Limited Edition Soy Melts – The perfect alternative for home scenting and mood making withoutContinue reading “Dreaming Tree Soapworks Once Upon A Dream LE Collection at The Rhinestone Housewife”

Hottie’s Hot Pick Of The Week-Domestic Goddess Wax Tart

Hello hotties!   Sorry it’s been so long since my last Hot Pick but my muggle job has been keeping me quite busy these days. Today I have for you my most favorite of home fragrances, The Rhinestone Housewife’s  exclusive Domestic Goddess  home fragrance wax tart.   Wax tarts are an amazing invention and so muchContinue reading “Hottie’s Hot Pick Of The Week-Domestic Goddess Wax Tart”

Shop Updates

Hello hotties!  We’ve got some great new stuff available in the shop and I thought I’d let you know about it. Domestic Goddess bath salts have landed! http://www.therhinestonehousewife.com/products/product-detail.php?iid=212 We also have a whole new line of Two Timing Tarts wax tarts based on embarrassing things we do whilst drinking.   Drunk Tweeting, Drunk Texting, Drunk StatusContinue reading “Shop Updates”

What Are These Tart Warmers Anyway?

Good morning, hotties!   Wondering what the heck these tart warming things are?   Don’t worry, I didn’t know anything about them either until I was contacted by a friend who owns a business making them called Two Timing Tart.  She was kind enough to send me some samples to try out to see if they wereContinue reading “What Are These Tart Warmers Anyway?”