First Carves Of The Season!

Jack O Lanterns.  Pumpkin Carving.  Grinning  Jacks.  I don’t care what you call them, I just love doing it each year!   This year we picked up over a 1,000lbs of pumpkins and I’m not even kidding.  They made us drive over to the truck scale and weigh everything.  lol  The folks at Schuh Farm were […]

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Carve #1!

Hotties, I’ve gotten a late start but now I’m ready to carve some hearts out.   First up is Zombie Hello Kitty, I’ve been meaning to carve her for a couple of years and never seemed to have time so she’s first this year: Pattern by Zombie Pumpkins

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Halloween 2011 Carves 1-6!

Well it’s that time of year again…..pumpkin carving!   I picked up 620lbs of pumpkins at Schuh Farms and boy there are some awesome kins in my haul. Carve #1 Sugar Skull Carve #2 Kermit   Carve #3  Zero   Carve #4  The Guy   Carve #5  Mad Eye Moody   Carve #6  The Big Bad […]

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Halloween 2010 Carves Numbers 3-7

Carve #3, Stay Puft!   I carved this last year as well but I wanted it on a foamie so I can use it every year.  Zombie Pumpkin pattern. Carve #4, Scream!   Carved on an orange foamie with pattern by Zombie Pumpkins: Carve #5, Oogie Boogie on an orange foamie, pattern by Zombie Pumpkins: Carve #6, […]

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